Tito Gato is Atlanta’s New Latin Jazz Cat
by Leslie Wilkins The Pipeline Agency

Ever wish you could lift the mood of a room with a single song? There’s a new cat in town that will help you do just that. Formerly known as Wild Rice, Tito Gato is bringing contagious smiles and dancing to Metro Atlanta through their authentic Latin jazz. Tito Gato has a passion for turning jazz standards and pop songs into Latin jazz, using grooves based on Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and Venezuelan music. The band’s influences include Pat Metheny Group, Sergio Mendes, and Tito Puente.

Each member of Tito Gato brings unique skills to the table having collaborated with a long list of prestigious artists and bands. Band leader of Tito Gato, Daniel Padrón, was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and he credits his parents for influencing his musical style and exposing him to jazz and Latin music at an early age. Daniel Padrón is joined by Jason Matthias on Tenor Saxophone, Paul Poovey on Trumpet, L.A. Tuten on Bass, Reece Harris on Drums, and Miguel Castro on Percussion. When asked what makes Tito Gato unlike other live bands in Atlanta, Padrón answered, "We take the familiar and do it differently. But with years of practice, we've been able to fine tune what actually works on an audience. That means that people are still moving to what we do in spite of the difference."

Tito Gato recently announced the release of their new music video set to an original composition called “Samba de la Felicidad.” This track, along with an original, self-titled song called “Tito Gato,” will be featured in their upcoming album, which is due out later this year. The band’s new album will join their other well-received album called “Tell Me More About Spain.” To bring some life to your establishment or event, contact Tito Gato! Tito Gato is available for a wide range of events, including wedding receptions, corporate functions, and private parties as well as for rhythmic music at your restaurant, club, or bar. For more information about Tito Gato, contact Daniel at (404) 210-5570 or tg (at) titogato (dot) com.