Flavors of the Cat

"The Cat" is the third album under the Tito Gato name, an Atlanta based Latin Jazz band. This 9-track collection consists mainly of original songs written by Daniel PadrĂ³n and features his hard swinging piano playing. With arrangements that bridge decades you'll hear sounds reminiscent of classics and the smoky, sultry vocals provided by Lisa Young lend themselves perfectly throughout the entire collection.

The first track, "Birds of Prey," has a distinct 60's jazz nightclub feel and the strong Latin beat with a jazz-pop groove is like a "party in your head." This vibe segues into a smooth, Brazilian bossa nova rhythm with the second track, "The Stars in Your Eyes." The combination of the violin and tenor sax meld perfectly in an almost hypnotic manner with a delightful keyboard solo that brings visions of a trickling brook ending softly as chimes close out the piece, bringing you gently out of your reverie.

The entire album is filled with flavorful jazz seasonings, from the upbeat, catchy tempo in "The Cat" to the organized chaos found in "Tomahawk." You'll hear a good blend of male and female vocals in "Knock it on the Rim" and "Moonlight Drive" will intrigue you with the moving bass and a perfect blend of sax and trumpet. And while the covered "Venus" has a jazz spin on a fun 80's hit, with a delightful flute solo; it didn't quite measure up to the other tracks. All in all, this was a most enjoyable album!

-Georgia Jennings